The Values of Hacker Ethic in 2020

Write a short opinion piece about the practical applicability of the ideals described above in the modern world (the 2020s).

The modern world needs the values of the hacker ethic. For a long time governments, companies and people have valued profits over everything. This mentality has made a few people very rich and has been very destructful to the rest of the world. What we’re seeing right now; global warming, the destruction of our oceans and forests and the decimation of our animal and plant life all stems from this. A terrible bad mindset and a terrible set of values. This mindset and these values has been imposed on us since we were young, in school you are pressured to perform and are graded in a very specific way, removing our creativity and freedom bit by bit. Outside of university there is often only one correct answer and creative solutions are not welcomed. For this to change we need to change our values and mindset and I think we can come a long way by implementing the values of hacker ethic. Of course it is not the single solution to all the worlds problems as there never is just ONE solution to any problem. In our school system we need to apply the values of freedom, passion and creativity, everyone learns different and if you have the freedom to pursue what you’re passionate about and are not placed in a box you’re not allowed to break it will spawn creativity, and the world needs more creative solutions. Most people get the ideas of societal conformity drilled into their heads since they begin school - “You have to get good grades so you can get a good job” -> “You have to get a good job to make a lot of money” - All this pressure on moving towards becoming society’s working bee. This all stems from governments trying to squeeze profits out of people, which is also why creative educations that don’t pay a lot and generally anything that doesn’t generate a lot of taxes are often looked down upon by society. People have been coerced their entire life to seek profits over anything and therefore stopped caring about the world.

Lastly I want to argue for the value of the network ethic, freedom of word and thought, resisting censorship. Many times in history this has proven to be one of our most valuable values (look at any war/dictatorship) and in recent years this value has been attacked by many different countries e.g. China, Russia and USA.

To conclude; I think we would all be better off if we applied the values of hacker ethic to our lives.

Written on April 18, 2021