The IT Pro in Denmark

In Denmark, an IT professional would be required to have both certain technical and social skills depending on their role however I think there is too many different IT roles to generalize too much. In general though, an education or certain certificates are required for most IT positions and the “hax0r” / nerd type is sort of looked down upon as many roles requires great social skills like speech and presentation skills, there do however still exist craftsmen roles, but even these require way more communication skills than before with agile frameworks like SCRUM.

From personal experience the sentence “So more than often, a social person with just OK technical skills is preferred over a super hacker having difficulty communicating.” rings especially true. I’ve seen this happen several times at my own workplace, there is a big focus on finding people who “fit in” with the company culture and I’m guessing that’s probably true for most Danish IT companies.

It’s hard to find any information on how it was to be an IT professional during the last 20 years so I can only draw on my experience from working in the field myself and guess on how it has been. As far as I know it has followed the general trend of the western world, Denmark has been very good technically and many Danes has contributed to the IT world fx. PHP, C#, C++ and many other inventions.

Written on March 21, 2021