Welcome To My Website

Inspired by people like Daniel Miessler and several guides which suggest you create a website/blog I finally decided to make one myself after a friend of mine showed me Jekyll. I was sold. It provides me with all my needs for a website/blog while being very easily accessible.

Why I’ve created this website/blog

Writing about your projects and explaining what you’ve learned to others is the best way to get the deepest understanding of the subject you’re learning(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_by_teaching). And publicly talking about and committing to your goals will put pressure on yourself to actually finish your projects.

Most of the stuff I will start posting will, to many, be simple as I’m a fairly new student. I hope that in the future the website will be a good resource and my contribution to the IT community.

What am I gonna use it for?

I will use it to better myself, mostly in subjects about computer science and cyber security, collect and share resources and things I find interesting as well as my opinions about a wide array of topics.

The website is gonna start out as my own little database of current projects, things I’ve done and resources I utilize(d). Hopefully at some point it will become helpful and useful for others as well.

I will also use it for class, as requested by a teacher of mine.

Written on November 4, 2020